About Lice Recovery and Help! I Have Head Lice

In the Fall of 2010, Lice Recovery/Wichita Head Lice Center opened its heart and doors to provide the best care and service to those afflicted with head lice in Sedgwick County.  Since then we have treated hundreds of people with every hair type, from all walks of life, driving nearly 100 miles to reach a client.

Our Services Included:

  • Full Head Treatments to kill lice bugs and remove the eggs.
  • Head Checks to determine if a client had head lice.
  • House Treatments—we treated homes.
  • Providing outstanding products that were Non-Toxic, Safe, and Fast that repelled and  killed head lice.
  • Conducting workshops and classes.
  • Educating customers on preventive measures.  

In 2018 we closed our doors at Lice Recovery/Wichita Head Lice Center, but not our hearts to those suffering with head lice.

Because of that, I, Shannon Hartup, founder of Lice Recovery/Wichita Head Lice Center, decided to pen everything I knew about head lice and the procedure I, and those I trained, used on our clients. I knew that anyone could eliminate head lice with the proper tools and procedure. Anyone.

That’s what my book Help! I Have Head Lice is all about. It’s written for YOU and your loved ones.  YOU can safely and inexpensively eliminate head lice. Everything you need to know about head lice and how to rid it from your hair, home or office is covered in the chapters of my book.

The illustrations will guide you through the simple step-by-step procedure on ridding yourself or a loved one of head lice. There are chapters on super lice, essential oils, how to clean a louse infected house, and many more. I also included a poem written by Deb Gipson and illustrated by me that you can read to your children to help ease their fears of head lice.

It shouldn’t cost you a fortune to get rid of head lice and it won’t if you follow the procedure in my book.

You can get lice free and stay lice free!

Become lice-free and stay lice-free for every hair type with Help! I Have Head Lice.