Learn How to Get Lice Free and Stay Lice Free, For Every Hair Type.

Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, Social Workers, Daycare Providers, Moms and Dads will benefit from the information in this book and save themselves unneeded frustration as well as hard earned dollars.

It shouldn’t cost you a fortune to get rid of head lice.  This book gives you simple, illustrated, step-by-step instructions on how to get rid of head lice for yourself, your children, your clients, and your home and office, using products you already own!

Everything you need to know to remove head lice using products you already have in your home!

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Head Lice Facts

Head lice have been with us for over one million years, yet how much do we really know about these pesky critters? When it comes to head lice, knowledge is king. Take my quiz and find out how much you know! Are you a  head lice novice or head lice master?

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Help! I Have Head Lice

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